Domain pricing mechanism



i want to delete my default domain and then i add a completely new one. If i want to make there is only one domain payment in my bill, what is the best way to do that?

  • Terminate the first one immediately and register a new domain, or
  • Let the first expired first then register a new domain, or
  • There is another way to do that

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From this page of the panel, set the first domain on “Let expire” (I believe you will still get reminders via email to renew it, but it won’t auto renew)

Then register your new domain. Each year your hosting plan gets one (or possibly more, if you signed up on certain promos) free domain renewal. If you have a free renewal available then the price will show up as 0.00 for the .com .net etc domain type, if it shows 1 yr = 9.95 then you don’t have a pending free renewal at that time.


Thanks for the reply
The old one will expire in the next two month