Domain previously in system problems


I had one domain briefly hosted on one Dreamhost account (a transfer from 1&1), and then I decided I wanted to host it on a new Dreamhost account.

So I killed the domain from Dreamhost account A then tried to add it for Dreamhost Account B, but got this error:

Can’t add domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support…

Please help…


It looks like that message is pretty straightforward. You won’t be able to use a promo code / referral - to set it up anyway on a full-price plan, contact support. :wink:


I believe this restriction was put in place by DreamHost to prevent people from scamming the promo-code system. ie: closing their existing account when it is due for renewal and applying for a new one (with promo discount) instead of renewing at full price.


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I guess you have to stick the domain name with your original account as DH does not allow domain transfer bewteen promotion plans.

I asked the question to DH support before. The answer was clear - no

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That happened to me and my affiliate. I opened my DH quite long time ago and briefly used his domain name’s mirror for some tests (never transferring DNS). Then I deleted his domain and he used my affiliate link to open his account. There was no sinister conspiracy to profit: we just decided that his account will be better to host it.

Neither he or I want to profit from this unplanned sequence of events so I have 2 questions:

  1. What do we need to do to “unprofit” from it? I assume he just needs to follow “full price” route.

  2. I would like to know what DH affiliate help page I could read to avoid all this confusion?

Please realize that the way that is being handled now may put somebody like me in a more unpleasant situation than I am now: my associate can easily blame me that my action blocked him from the use of his own domain name.