Domain preview

Hello, I am wondering how to view/preview my domain which I have added to the control panel… I have yet to change the nameservers for the domain to dreamhost so when I do click on “Visit” I am taken to the existing site on my old company’s server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wiki is your friend:



Here’s my problem:

I host about 30 domains for my clients. Currently I am hosting all the sites with another host. When I set up my dreamhost account I used the domain as the primary domain for my account with dreamhost. All of my clients are using and as their nameserver settings which point to the other hosting company through a custom nameserver set-up… Now, I have added a few of the client domains which I currently host on another host to my dreamhost control panel, and I can’t preview the client domains before changing the DNS for as they are still pointed (via the ns1 & ns2 settings to at the old host. Now when I try to create the subdomain for which I’ve already created in my control panel, it does not work. I have followed the instructions at and all I get are errors…

Help! Please!

have you moved your nameservers to dreamhost yet?

if you have, you could just make folders under and put the sites in there to view.???

just a suggestion. i realize not a good one if they are database run sites…but if not, it would work and save you time.

I’m suffering from a short attention span right now.

If you Mirror a domain you’ve set up here, it’ll work at or
Unless something in your domains have the real domain name hard-coded and makes a call to your old site(s).

The long term fix is to edit your DNS here for (I presume in your example that is the same for all of them). You’ll need to add custom DNS records for so that ns1 and ns2 point to and You’ll need the IP addresses for the dreamhost Name Servers to verify the change.

You’ll have to go to your domain registrar to update the Name Servers for your domain so they point to the new DreamHost IP Name Server addresses.

The transfer of activity from your old site to the new site will be uneven as it takes a while for DNS to catch up for people around the world.