Domain poiting to subdomain in dreamhost?


I’ve never done this before but I assume it’s possible. I have another domain I want to be redirected to my current domain in Dreamhost, so to use the hosting too. Like has to be because is not using any hosting service, I just have the Domain Name. How do I set this up?

I tried going to that subdomain DNS’s in the control panel and I saw a IP associated to that subdomain, type A. Where do I stand here?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not quite clear what your question is, but:
If you already have hosting here, you can host as many fully hosted domains and subdomains as you want.
The first thing you need to do is set DreamHost as your name server for that other domain:
You can set up a redirect so your new domain either bounces over to, or

If you already see that subdomain in your DNS records, then you’ve already set up a fully hosted subdomain.


You answered well, but I think I’m not getting you fully yet. I just created a new hosted domain in the control panel, and I assume I have to assign those three NS in my new domain properties.

On the other hand, I’ll explain myself better. I have a domain and a hosting service already in Dreamhost: A friend just bought and I set up: for him, with a new FTP user and stuff. I wanted that to use sub-domain hosting, so I went to this one DNS’s in control panel and I saw this:

bucky A
ftp.bucky A
www.bucky A