Domain path

I am new to dreamhost. My old host you could setup the domain and then once done point the domain, so you would be sure there was no downtime. How do I go to IP address to check the site before I point the domain? My last host it was something like http://12.313.4.22/~user/

Any help would be appreciated.

You can’t browse to the IP address (and AFAIK, even if you have a unique IP) however what you can do is add a free * domain to your plan. You can then specify the same web directory that you will use for the domain when it goes live. For example if you will host in /home/username/, you can add hosted from /home/username/ as well.

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Atropos’ suggestion as well as others are covered in the Dreamhost wiki article on viewing a site before changing your DNS or DNS propagates.

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