Domain Parking

DreamHost doesn’t seem to offer DOMAIN PARKING as it is offered elsewhere, that is: Two (or more) Domains pointing to the same IP address.

Is there a way to circumvent this problem? Would MIRRORING or DOMAIN FORWARDING be the solution?

Thank you for your attention!

I don’t understand the need to point two or more parked domains to one IP. Why not just park them both from the panel?

I don’t think Domain Parking is associated with redirection to same IP’s.

The definition is more like this (from Webopedia):

In the Web hosting business, DNS parking is a service that the Web host will offer to its clients as a way of securing a domain name for future use. The Web host registers the domain name with the InterNIC and “parks” the domain name on a server until it is ready to be made active. By doing this, the Web host ensures the availability of the domain name for the client’s future use so that another individual or company cannot register that same domain name.

Is that what you are looking for?


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I am from quebec where we speak two languages (French & English). Therefore it might be usefull to have a bilingual Web Site and to have both a French and English Domain Name pointing to it. In other words, the official Domain name for the site could be in French and the English Domain name would be PARKED on the French name.

NOTE: I intend to switch from NoMonthlyFees to DreamHost.
Here is their definition of DOMAIN PARKING:

“A parked domain is when you have TWO domains POINT to the same IP address.
In other words, lets say you already have an hosting account with us called:
Now, you want to register the .net and .org version of your domain name and PARK them to your main account.
You would now have:, and WOULD all point to the same IP address, so that no matter which domain name you typed in, it would still go to the same site.”

That sounds like what Dreamhost calls “mirrored” domains; set up one of them as the fully hosted site, and the other(s) as mirrors of it, so they all go to the same site.

– Dan

The good thing is you just pay for one plan and there’s no limit to the domains hosted under one plan. You also get a free domain reg. with any plan - use it now or later.

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