Domain Parking vs Registering

with my limited scope of knowledge, i think i understand that In order to reserve a desired domain name for later use, I can choose to have my desired parked by DNS providers such as

thus, under my panel, a domain can appear as “parked” - but in order to truly reserve it, do i need to also have it Registered?

The reason i ask is because it appears that even though a domain is labeled as “Parked” in my dreamhost webpanel, it does not have the “under development” page when i go to it, and the domain is considered “available” on other DNS / hosting services.

Thus, is a domain on dreamhost not actually “Parked/Reserved/Protected” unless I register it?

When you add a domain name to your hosting plan in DH, it doesn’t mean you’ve owned/parked the domain. It only means you want to serve the files from your hosting plan. To actually own the domain name, you will have to register it.

To add a few clarifying words: you must own or have registered the domain to park it. Parking a domain does not reserve it so that other can’t register it.

So to reserves a domain for later use, you would first register it, then since you have no site to place there now, you could park it.

Can I park my domain and then still build the site?
Or does parking a domain prevent me from working on it?

Thanks in advance…

While it’s parked, you could build the site as, or even a subdomain of your own domain.

Whichever you choose, you will need to go to Manage Domains and create a Fully Hosted (sub)domain. When it’s ready, you can switch your Parked domain to be Fully Hosted. Then with FTP, log into the server and change the directory names, so what was is, and vice-versa.

sdayman, Thanks so much for your reply.

I have made my domain fully hosted. How do I create a (fully hosted) sub domain? Do I simply add a ‘/XYZ’ to my domain under ‘web directory’ in the manage domains section on DreamHost?

Sadly, I’m still waiting for things to propigate so I can access my site for building. I turned off a re-direct on my domain 5 hours ago, but it still hasn’t rendered.

Any additional help/guidance is MUCH appreciated! Thanks so much!

Sdayman, I’ve set up a new subdomain on DH–‘’. And I’ve set it up as ‘fully hosted.’

  1. I don’t need to ‘register’ this subdomain, correct? Since I already have registered the correlating domain, right?
  2. Now, how do I build on the subdomain? Do I need to create a new folder in my directory via FTP?
    …named ‘’ ??
    …and then do I move/drag my WP theme folder to that new subdomain folder?

Thank you very much.

Domains and Subdomains are set up and hosted separately. Your Domain may be Parked, and your Subdomain may be Fully Hosted. I think this is what you wanted. I think you got this somewhat straightened out.

  1. No, you don’t need to register a subdomain. Just set it up as you have.
  2. When you set up a Fully Hosted Domain (or Subdomain), DreamHost will create the appropriate folder in your home directory. If your FTP user is ‘footprint,’ then you FTP to your domain as ‘footprint’ and you’ll see directories: Mail, logs, and

If you’re doing all this for a WordPress site, then you can use the One Click system to install the Custom (not Simple) version of WordPress to your Subdomain. Then you can FTP in and upload your theme to the subdomain’s WordPress installation in /home/footprint/

Thanks, Sdayman!

  1. I assumed I needed to build the site on a subdomain for privacy sake. But is that necessary? If the domain is ‘parked’ and “invisible”, I would rather keep things simple and avoid moving this and that and simply design this on the primary domain.

  2. I’m not seeing the new subdomain folder yet. I’m wondering if that’s because I have the wrong FTP user designated in DH for this domain. Maybe the new subdomain folder was created for the user I have specified currently. I’ll check.

Thanks again!

  1. If you don’t care if people see your work in progress, build the site at your final domain location. If you really don’t want them seeing it, password protect your domain folder:

  2. It could be the wrong FTP user. Double-check that. I’d use the same FTP user for the domain and its subdomains. A Fully Hosted Subdomain should show up in the FTP directory within 5 minutes of creation.

Thanks again!

1). Yeah, I’m not sweating the privacy thing. I’ll treat it as a ‘pardon my dust’ design strategy.
2). Phew…this is working now. You were right. I changed the designated FTP user in DH, and now I see that subdomain via FTP. How cool…

And BEST of all, after clearing my cache in Firefox earlier, I discovered the redirect had resolved/propigated, and I can now access my /build site and the WordPress admin. I’m making real progress on the site design now! Very thankful for that!

Next hurdle will hopefully just be making this site LIVE when I’m ready. Is that an easy one-click thing via WordPress? Or do I have to move some folders in my FTP directory?

Thanks for all your help!

If your site is running from the subdomain, you need to move some folders in your FTP directory.
When you FTP in, you’ll see your and folders

  1. Rename to example.old
  2. Rename to
  3. Rename example.old to

There, they’ve traded places. Now you need to point your browser to and go to Settings -> General and change the URL for your site.

You will no longer be able to use One-Click to update your WordPress version, but WP has such a good built-in updater that you’re better off this way.

OK…I attempted to take my site live last night. Didn’t work.

On the general settings tab in WordPress I simply changed the ‘FTP URL’ field and the ‘site URL’ field from TO just

Oops… This appears to have messed up my template or something…

And NOW, I can’t even log into the admin site of WordPress to change that URL back to /build, how it was set. Not sure what happened. Do I simply need to move a folder via FTP??? …like maybe just drag the subfolders that are in the /build folder on the FTP to the main folder ‘’???

I CAN, thankfully, still successfully log in to the directory via FTP.

If you’re able, please advise. Thanks so much.

What’s odd is that your main site now shows the DreamHost parked page. Is your web directory still set as /build?

Some plugins (and themes, I suppose) have their own settings for the domain URL. If you can get back into wp-admin, look through your Theme Options and Plugin Settings for fields with /build still in them.

However, the cleanest way to do this would be to move all your files up a directory so they’re no longer in /build and set your web directory accordingly. But you’d still have to track down any references to /build