Domain parking, registering, hosting - I'M CONFUSED!

I currently have registered:

I want to change the name of my business to titan studios. So I clicked ‘Manage domains’ and added a parked and fully hosted domain: then I realised I’d done it wrong as I hadn’t registered it yet. So I tried registering it and it says, “ is already registered” now is it saying that because I fully hosted and parked it 5 mins before? Or has somebody else already registered it?
This is all very confusing!!

Thanks for the help guys!

To check whether you have the domain under your account, go to DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains

If you see your domain in the list, you currently have the domain.

If you accidentally turn it to parked domain, you can easily cancel it by removing parked domain.

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Thanks for your reply!

I’ve removed the park, and now under ‘Complete domain summary’ it says:
3 mons+ left. Fully Hosted / User: redbyte
Unknown Fully Hosted / User: redbyte

It also has a little clock next to

So, does that mean that, the domain is mine now? As in, no one can steal it?
If so, why? I haven’t paid any money. I thought I’m supposed to pay $9.95 a year for it?

I’m afraid not. It would appear from the error you received when trying to register the domain that someone has already registered it.

You can actually add any domain you want to the DreamHost system as fully hosted or parked etc, unless it has already been added by someone else. It just won’t achieve a lot unless you have also registered the domain and configured it to use the DreamHost name servers (this is done automatically if you register the domain at DreamHost).

I can only suggest that you remove from the hosting system and either pick a new domain name, or contact the current owner of and try to purchase the domain, but this is likely to cost you more than $9.95. The link below will show you the contact information for the current owner of


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Considering that was registered in 2000, it looks like someone beat you to it. However, you can try for other TLD’s, such as .us (which is available…hurry, go get it NOW!).


Another thing you might consider is picking a slight different name for your business if you haven’t already had any other materials made up that refer to Titan Studios. After all, the domain name question may be secondary to problems related to business trademarks. Say, isn’t there somewhere to search for such things?

Perhaps Callisto Studios?

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