Domain Parked query

Hi there,

I’m very new to this so apologies if this is a stupid suggestion.

I recently purchased a .io domain name from dreamhost. This was paid for 6 days ago.

It is showing in my account as “parked” but is still showing as available on other sites and when I type in the domain there is no dreamhost hosting page.

I have also recently bought two domains from godaddy. As soon as I had purchased my domain was unavailable from other providers with a godaddy hosting page.

So why is this different via dreamhost? As far as I was aware the initial purchase was for me to own the domain - just like has happened via godaddy.

I’m not ready for the website to go live yet (6 months away) I just want to know the name is mine for use in the future.

PS I have emailed support twice about this and had no response so any help would be great.


Hello Jeggy86,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

If you can supply us with the support ticket# or the domain name in question we will be able to look into the status,

Matt C

I just tried to redirect it to another domain To see if that worked but unfortunately not :frowning:

Thank you for that info!

I was not able to find any open tickets on that account. I do see that the domain is “parked” with us. However it is not registered with us or anyone at all you can view that info here

To register the domain with us you can do so in the panel here

and if you need help doing so you can reach our support team here

Matt C

I purchased the domain last week. Why do I now need to register it as a new domain? It is on the site for the same price I have already paid for it?!

What has happened here?

And I have definitely already submitted a support ticket but that is also not showing anywhere. I also sent an email to the billing team and that just bounced back despite having already seen an email from them.

I have also tried to speak to live chat but it seemingly is non existent and there is no way to access it.

But for the meantime I would like to know why I have paid for a domain which is showing in my account but apparently I do not own / is not registered?

Live Chat is handling a large increase on requests as fast as possible. If you received an account activation email from us you can reply directly back to it for support or you can submit a ticket here

Jeggy86, I was able to get a specialist to look into the issue further,

The registration request was denied and the payment is sitting as credit on your account.
Reason for denial: ERROR: TLD does not support Whois Privacy Protection Service.

.io domains do not allow for privacy

A support manager pushed the domain registration through so you were able to keep that domain name (after it was posted publicly) and it has now been registered to your account. You can reach our support team for any more support from the previous link.

Matt C

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