Domain only

To keep this short and simple, I registered my domain with GoDaddy, which was OK until I wanted to use Google Apps. I have an independently hosted site and am not looking to switch. This mean i can’t use their DNS panel and ultimately, can’t use Google Apps.

Would transferring the domain to DreamHost let me do that? I know the information page said complete control but does this also include domain only accounts?

No. You’d have to get a Hosting package to be able to manipulate DNS. There are DNS Services out there you can find through a Google search.


To the OP: You have two choices (well, maybe three):

  1. Find one of the few absolutely free DNS services out there and use it. With this option, you can keep your domain registration at your original registrar or move to Dreamhost or wherever you want. (Just a note that you might want to consider getting domain privacy and comparing that "all-in"price).
  2. Move to a registrar that provides full DNS services. I only know of a few. You might look for free DNS services that also offer domain registration. In any case, in either this option or option #1, look for reliable DNS services.

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