Domain-only email forwarding

I’m thinking of buying a domain from Dreamhost with the possibility of upgrading to full hosting in the future, and one point was unclear from the wiki and other information: with only a domain and no hosting package, do you still get email aliases and forwarding? This is the main reason I want to get a domain, simply to provide a nicer email address than

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From what I understand, email service is included in the hosting package. If you only get a domain without hosting package, you can’t use the email service.

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Hosting is almost free for a year. :slight_smile: If it’s not clear in the wiki, you should contact Support for a definite answer, and mention they should fix up the wiki.

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I know that full email service with mailboxes, POP3 etc is only included with hosting, I mean email forwarding, where all emails to get forwarded to another address. No mailbox required. Do you get that with a domain-only package?

We’re just customers. You’d have to ask DH Support. When you find the answer, could you share?


I emailed support and they said:

“Registering only a domain with us will basically give you management of name servers for the domain and that’s really about it. Our mail features come only with the hosting packages unfortunately, but does come with forwarding =).”

So unfortunately it seems I’ll have to find something else for now at least, or cough up for hosting… which isn’t that bad really I suppose.

I still remember that some servers offer only email services. I saw it couple of years back.

But I think it is not worth to purchase the email services somewhere else because you will have free email services in DH after you have an hosting plan.

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DreamHost hosting packages are very cheap to try for the first year, you may even like hosting here and decide to stay longer. :slight_smile:


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u can point you domain to hanve them mandage your email fw for free.

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