Domain-only account?

Ummm… I think I’m going to cancel my hosting account with Dreamhost. I’m well within my 97 day period, which is fine.

However, I have about 6 domains registered with Dreamhost - all within the 60-day transfer rule. If I close my account, will I still be able to administrate the domains. Or, should I wait for 60 days to elapse to transfer the domains first?


Registrations and Domain Plans are separate entities, and you’ll still be able to manage your registrations, but not your domain sites and mail. But it wouldn’t hurt to mention all of this when you cancel your account.

I certainly don’t have any intentions of canceling my accounts, as things are pretty rosy for me. Bummer you’re not not happy with the setup here.


I am sorry to hear that DreamHost isn’t working out for you.

Can I ask why you are considering canceling? Is it because of the server load you reported in this thread?

If so, have you contacted DreamHost outlining the problem and asking to be moved to a different server? They have done this in the past for users experiencing such problems.


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I’m cancelling for two main reasons: the database access is slow and the download speeds are slow - well, slower than my previous host on both counts. I’m hosting lots of FLV files, so the download speed is pretty important.

I do like Dreamhost, but it’s not really fulfilling my own particular requirements at the moment.

Fair enough, it sounds like you have carefully considered your options before deciding to leave. Thanks for taking the time to answer my query.

Anyway, I hope it works out for you at your new host.

Good luck.


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