Domain on 1&1 - hosting on Dream Host

I need to forward / redirect a domain registered with 1&1 to my Dreamhost.
I have read that:" … under “Manage Domains” and then “DNS” under the domain you want to redirect from the non-DreamHost provider. The type “A” address is then copied into the DNS-settings of the other provider… "
Should I do this? I just want to make sure I am not missing something. Is there something I need to do on the 1&1 side of things?
I did try entering DNS info on that end, but evidently did not have the correct info. There is also an option on the 1&1 side for “forwarding,” but after reading another post, I got the impression that is not what I need to do.


It should only be a DNS Name Server setting at 1&1. Here’s an old thread:

it should be pointed out that there are different ways to achieve what you are asking.

The instructions you are reading are how you would redirect the web traffic using an A-record. Other services (such as email) would remain at 1&1. This might also be used when one or more sub-domain of a domain has different hosting.

Another way to handle the situation is to tell the registrar (1&1) that the DNS for this domain is handled elsewhere, and this is done by telling 1&1 that the NAMERSERVERS for this domain are Dreamhost’s. (see the previous post Scott linked above). Exercising this option moves all services (except domain name renewal) surrounding the domain to dreamhost. It also makes the dreamhost control panel able to generate needed records automatically.

It should also be noted that either option you take there will NOT bring instant joy. DNS propagation takes time. This is not under the control of dreamhost, 1&1 or any specific provider. In general, DNS propagation occurs within 12-24 hours across the USA, however it can take up to 3-days for the change to be seen world-wide.

Would it be any easier / faster to transfer the registration over to dreamhost?

Am I correct in guessing that the reason I can’t get to the wordpress admnin/ instal link, sent in the generated email,
is because I need to tell the 1&1 that the Nameservers for the domain are Dreamhosts’s?

I walked into a can of worms, with an account started by one person, turned over to another, going back to the 1st, and now to me to try and help sort it out,
(because I have some experience with web design)… But the whole thing has my head spinning!!

Thank you for all your help!!!

Yes you are correct that the reason you can’t get to the wp admin link is DNS.

Yes the simplest thing to do is point the nameservers to dreamhost.

If you want to view the site before you change the DNS and/or get it set up then look at these pages:

I really appreciate the help, and the links!!