Domain not work properly

I need help about my domain
It run REALLY slow, and with a lot of “internal system error”. Something I can’t see anyting (Time expired). Wordpress 2.7.1.


Your server seems to be working (I was able to see the readme.html file very quickly), so I would guess it has to do with your wordpress install

We need some more information.

Is this a one-click install you did you manually install it? Is it a brand new install or has it been working for a while.

If it just started happening, have you installed any plugins/made any changes to the site (messed with permalinks, undated files, etc)

-mitb [o+<]

wordpress installed with one-clik, 18 month ago approx. With Italian translation manually set up (18 month ago).
8 plugins, but no one recently installed. No recent modify on the site STRUCTURE (add some articles and pages, but no categories or files).

active plugin:

Add From Server 2.0
Ajax Newsletter 1.0 RC2
Event Calendar 3.1.4
Event Calendar Widget 3.1.4
Google XML Sitemaps 3.1.3
Inline Google Maps 5.11
Lightbox 2 2.0.2
NextGEN Gallery 1.3.3
TDO Mini Forms 0.6
WordPress Database Backup 2.2.2
WP-ShortStat 1.12a
WysiwygPro 1.2 with WysiwygPro
YAPB Sidebar Widget 2.2
Yet Another PhotoBlog

I’ve tried to deactivate all plugin, but without result.


Submit a support request. I had the same problem with my Gallery installation (lots of internal system errors). The support team analyzed my account and actually found a mistake I had made in the gallery configuration! I was rather impressed that they were able to properly diagnose it.

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