Domain not showing up

i added a fully hosted domain ( to my dreamhost acct earlier this evening; It’s showing up in the “manage domains” list and on my FTP list just fine. Then I installed wordpress on that directory according to instructions and was apparently successful (files are in the dir. in ftp also). But I can’t access that domain to continue with the admin, nor can i view it on the web (i get a generic network solutions under construction pg). i had no trouble with another domain,, to which i installed wp the same way. is it just that it takes a while? i tried refreshing via the admin screen as per another post but no luck.

also, my domain directories are in the right place, right, they’re all under home/cityrat/ even though is also one domain and is another, i think that’s right but want to make sure.

Adding the domain in the Web Panel prepares the computers at DreamHost to use it (ie their name servers and the machines hosting web/email etc). However you have to tell Network Solutions what nameservers to use.

The name servers at DreamHost are, and

So follow their instructions on changing the name servers and then wait a while.

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I did that for the domain (thanks!) and everything was fine, the site showed up as it should w/ wp install, yesterday and earlier today.
now, suddenly, it’s going back to the NS “under construction” page. I hadn’t changed anything (i just refreshed the dns but that doesnt seem to be working), except I changed the admin and deleted the old one, and added some plugins, which I also did for my domain which is appearing fine, and which didn’t seem to affect either til just now. Why is it not showing up all of a sudden?

also what are the google addresses that show up for mail, etc. for does that even matter as long as the DNS are listed correctly (which they are)?


That might be your ISP or your local LAN or computer resolving the domain name from a cache with the old DNS information. It works for me.

Not sure what you mean by that. Maybe it will help to read GMail for your domain

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