"[domain] not set up correctly" error

Hey there. So, to start off, I am very new to this (I essentially started everything yesterday)!

So far I have vegetablegardenreview.com fully hosted at Dreamhost. At first when trying to view the website I was getting a error telling me to delete quickstart.html, so I got FileZilla as an FTP program to delete it ( though I want to use Wordpress) . However, after installing Wordpress I am getting the following error:

* It doesn't look like vegetablegardenreview.com has been set up correctly to run wordpress.
* If it should be, and the install was started more than an hour ago, you may want to try deleting and re-installing the app.
* If you are a DreamHost Apps user, you can check the Discussion Forum or the wiki for further help.
* Paid DreamHost customers can submit a support ticket through the DreamHost Panel.

I’m assuming the issue is with me not setting things up with Dreamhost properly rather than something on the Wordpress end. I installed it with the One-Click Install feature under Goodies. Given the error, I deleted all the files once again under the One-Click Install tab to try and reinstall Wordpress, but they all still remained when I looked at in in Filezilla so I manually deleted them all.

I have messed with things trying to get them to work so much that I probably did more harm than good.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction to get things situated to use Wordpress?


This is a customer to customer forum.

If you are still experiencing problems I would suggest that you need to contact DreamHost Support. If you have messed things up by deleting files then only a DreamHost technician will be able to see your full account and be able to determine what corrective action needs to be taken.

Currently I can see the start of a website at your web address but I have no experience using Wordpress.