Domain not resolving after 2 weeks

I purchased a Dreamhost account with a domain name and received a confirmation email on 14 Aug. stating the domain had been purchased. It’s been nearly 2 weeks but the domain still hasn’t resolved.

I’ve tried using a couple online ping tools (Network Tools and Just Ping) but they also cannot resolve the domain name.

Domains that I’ve purchased in the past usually resolved in less than a week without any user interaction. Am I supposed to do something?

First, try flushing your DNS cache on your machine:

Then see if it works.

Have you tried to resolve the domain on a computer with a different ISP/DNS server? This could be a problem with your local DNS server.

A good way to test this is by using different DNS servers to resolve it using a free service like OpenDNS:

Is the domain listed in the panel?

Thanks for the response.

Yep, tried this. Didn’t work.

Yes. Also used the online ping tools I mentioned earlier. OpenDNS CacheCheck reports NXDOMAIN for Non-Existant Domain.

Yes it is.

Just want to check, once I buy an account and domain with Dreamhost I don’t have to do anything more to ensure the domain resolves right? From what I undertsand the name servers are set automatically.

I’ve just re-run OpenDNS CacheCheck and the online ping tools. The domain seems to be resolving now. But it took nearly 2 weeks… very odd.