Domain not propagating?


Hi, I have a .cz domain that I want to have hosted at Dreamhost. According to the company from whom I bought the domain, the DNS should be configured correctly - but it’s been over 30 hours and it has still not propagated. I enquired with them, and they sent me this:

Dear Client,
domain have set DNS servers NSS:DREAMHOST -->
If the domain is not active on the servers need to contact technical manager servers NSS:DREAMHOST.

Please help, I really need to get working on the website!!


It looks like Andrew replied to you here:

[quote]Hrmm, the information I’m seeing in WHOIS for your domain now isn’t quite right. The NSSET is showing up as “NSS:DREAMHOST”, not “DREAMHOST” like I saw on some other .cz domains, and the nameservers are set (incorrectly) as “” and “”.

Did you enter the NSSET with the “NSS:” prefix, or was that added automatically?[/quote]


I emailed the registrar and asked their support to do it for me… so it’s wrong? Do they need to change it? Do I? I’m now utterly confused… :frowning: