Domain not pointed to Dreamhost yet. How upload site?

I am trying to upload a site and get it set up PRIOR to the domain actually being pointed to Dreamhost.
What is the generic host address to which I can point my FTP client so that I can upload the site files?

For some reason, I am just not finding the generic host name.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi. I hope this will help you out. Found this at the Dreamhost wiki site.

Excellent! I did see this post but I went through it more closely to derive the answer.

The solution is found in the line:
"If your domain hasn’t been set up yet (not registered or not transferred to DreamHost) you can still upload your site directly to your machine name temporarily. You should have gotten the name of your machine in a welcome email, it will be of the form"

That means if your machine name when you look under your domains is “happy” then your generic domain is

Thanks for the help.

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