Domain NOT listed in Domain Manager

HI, I recently transferred a domain and got a confirmation letter from DreamHost saying the transfer was complete. But it’s not listed on the Domain Manager with my other Domains. The site (hosted elsewhere) is unavailable since the transfer and since it’s not listed on the domain manager there’s nothing I can do to fix it. Any help appreciated…

This would be an issue with the panel or the domain is in limbo. I would recommend contacting support as they will be the only ones that can help with this.

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Are you looking in “Manage Domains” or “Domain Registrations”. I think it’s the case that even after you transfer registration, you still have to add hosting for the domain in the “Manage Domains” page of the panel. (Don’t worry, this part is free)

Just taking a long shot guess at what your situation might be. Apologies if I’m off base, but the small chance that it might help you out is worth the risk of my embarrassment!

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I would have guessed that Lensman was right about it not being added in the hosting section… but you seem surprised that your site doesn’t show up. Did you upload your site to Dreamhost?

If all you did was transfer the domain name, you still have work to do. See what happens if you try to add the domain… if it says it’s already in the system, but you don’t see it, then you’ll probably want to contact support.

If you can add it, then it wasn’t already there. Then you’ll need to upload your files as the user it’s assigned to, into the directory that’s named after your domain.

Also, if you transferred the domain here (it will show up under registrations), and you need time to get things worked out (big site?), you could temporarily point the nameservers back to your old host–if you didn’t cancel the account there.

Then, get everything squared away here and switch them back.

If you do that, this wiki article walks you through making sure your site is up and running here, before changing the nameservers back to, and

Also, don’t forget to go into the mail section and create your email addresses. That stuff isn’t automatically carried over from the last host. If you’re using an offsite mail service like Tuffmail, Fastmail, etc… then this isn’t anything to worry about.

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Thanks guys, I got the domain name to show up in the domain manager. My site is hosted with another company, but is not available since I transferred the name registration to Dreamhost. What do I need to do to make it work.

Thanks again

Do you mean it was already in there and reappeared, or that you just now added it?

Here’s a wiki article about transferring your site to Dreamhost that should cover most of the basics of getting setup.

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