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I’ve hosted multiple sites on dreamhost in the past, and recently set up a new site for a client of mine at . However, even though I can log into the web directory via FTP, upload files, etc… when I visit the actual site, it is ‘not found’. I’ve uploaded test index.html files to every directory I can think of, including the one that it’s set to like all my other sites. (home/user/ I’ve checked the settings a hundred times and everything looks right. I’ve even compared it to the sites that DO work on another dreamhost account and can’t see anything inherently different. My only guess is that the dreamhost server it’s hosted on (peach) is broken, otherwise I cannot figure out what i’m doing wrong. Please help, this is really frustrating and I cannot work with my client until this issue is resolved.


At this time, DNS propagation is still occurring.

Check this tool

when all the red X’s become green check marks you will be good to go. Usually takes 12-24 hours.

We created the account and set up the hosting a few days ago, it’s been much longer than 12-24 hours.

looks like there are still a few nameservers on the map that haven’t updated.

What I would do is go to Manage Domains in the panel, click the DNS link under the domain page, and the go button on the next page to refresh the DNS for that domain. For some reason it appears it hasn’t gone smoothly or quickly, but that should finish it up pretty quickly.

Looks like it’s okay now. I think that this is DNS propogation’s April Fools Joke :confused:

Hi all

I’m experiencing the same problem. I have been trying to move my hosting for my site from GoDaddy to DreamHost. I’ve exported the MySQL database but due to the size of it (c. 90 MB) I’m struggling to upload it. I came across the (unpleasantly named) bigdump.php workaround, but after uploading the file to the root directory, I get the error “404 Not Found” when trying to reach the PHP file in my browser. The domain itself is also showing the placeholder, even though I’m showing as fully hosted in the panel.

Thoughts? Very grateful for a response as it’s driving me slightly mad!


If you still have access to the original db on GoDaddy MySQL you could try using the Synchronize function in phpMyAdmin.

I’ll give that a go, but any idea why I can’t access pages within my domain?

Make sure you’ve uploaded your files into the correct directory.

Example: /home/user/[website_files_go_here]

Thanks! That was the problem. We’d uploaded them into the user folder.