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I recently set up a fully hosted domain at DH that had previously been parked elsewhere. I went through what I thought were all the necessary steps, but whenever I’d go to check the new site, I’d get the “Server Not Found” message. I consulted Support and they suggested I’d missed a step in the set up. Here’s their response:

No problem, it looks like you may have forgotten a step along the way. I did a WHOIS on your domain name, and it looks like you are pointing it towards:


You need to change your nameservers to:

I checked the DNS settings here, and it appears they’re already set to Support’s suggested nameservers. Are they talking about the previous host’s nameserver settings, or am I missing something here? I’ve never messed around in the Advanced DNS control panel area, so I’m nervous about it.

Thanks, G


It may just be a case of the domain not having propagated fully. Whilst a whois will show you that you have the correct nameservers installed there can still be a delay whilst the domain is pointed to the new IP address. Usually 24 to 48 hours should be allowed to ensure a complete change over.

Check the IP for your domain at DreamHost by going to the Manage Domains page and then click the tiny letters ‘DNS’ and check the IP given at the top of the list next to the letter A (A record).

From your own PC if it is windows XP then run start>run>cmd to enter a dos window and at the prompt type ping (using your own domain) and see if the IP addresses match or not.

If they do not then you can wait a while as mentioned above or if you want to you can use a mirrored sub-domain (see here) or if you know how to, place the IP addresses into your windows ‘hosts’ file.



WHOIS shows what DNS servers you have listed with your Domain Registrar. I use GoDaddy, so I log into my account into GoDaddy, and for my domains(s), I had to update their name server entries to the name servers.

It sounds like you only checked your DNS info at DreamHost.

This does take some time to propagate, just like any DNS update. But until you change the DNS server info at your registrar, you won’t be able to use your site at DreamHost.



Thanks for both responses. Okay, I went out to, where the client had the site registered and, predictably, the DNS was pointing to ns1/, not ns1/, so I changed them both. Looks like the change took, but I’m assuming now I’m still facing some propagation time, correct?



yes, it can take up to 72 hours to fully propigate - but probalby much less.



Yes, as mattail says, it can take 72 hours for the DNS information to fully propagate around the Internet.

It is also worth noting that during this propagation period it is not uncommon for the DNS to be rather erratic, with the domain resolving fine at one time, then not resolving correctly later. It is best to give it some time to settle.


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