Domain Name we Don't Own

First time posting and was not sure where this thread should go.

We have a domain hosted and registered at DreamHost currently. The person who originally registered our domain name is no longer with our non-profit organization and is not responding to emails, VM’s, or texts.

The domain is going to expire 3/16/17. We know what that means, on 3/17/17 the site is down because no one else is listed as a contact (admin/tech) on the domain registration.

What options do we have to ensure out site does not go down when it expires?

If the domain expires on 3/17/17 is it available for anyone to take/register on the 18th?

Does DreamHost (or any registrar) as the current registrar able to keep the domain name in their hands/system after the 17th?



When the domain has been suspended for 60 days without being renewed, it’ll be scheduled for cancellation.

Who is the registrar for the domain? Is it dreamhost? Or who? If you don’t know use this page to find out.

If it’s dreamhost, do you have panel access?

Just questions to figure out what to tell you next, it’s not clear exactly what position you are in.

LakeRat, per my post it is hosted by DreamHost. We don’t have panel access as the person who set this up is no longer in the picture & not returning emails/VM’s.

Looks like if it does expire we are in the waiting pool to get it back in 60+ days. DreamHost also has the option of putting the domain up for auction at some point also.

“Registrar” and “host” for a domain name aren’t necessarily the same thing, but might be the same.

If your only option is to let it expire and wait for it to become available again then you should “backorder” it from a registrar that accepts backorders. I think you’ll find this process takes longer than 60 days for the domain to again become generally available to re-register, backordering will help speed the process.

You have to think about renew the domain. You would lose time or be kicked (if you are not back for a very long time)