Domain name verification

Hello. I am trying to set up a website on my newer vps account. Several years ago I had that domain name set up on an older shared hosting account.

A week ago I contacted tech support about releasing the domain name so I could add it. I was told I needed to email I emailed twice last week and never heard back. On Friday I contacted tech support about this again and have not heard back. I just got done chatting with someone at tech support and was told I have to wait until my original ticket gets back to me.

I cannot move forward with this website until I can add the domain name. What is the delay? I have never had this kind of problem with your tech support before.

Hi Jennif3r,
I don’t understand “releasing the domain name.”
If you want to move the registration of your domain to DH or away from DH you can get it started in
domains -> manage domains -> Reg. Transfer
If you want to change the ip address or the name servers you can do it in
domains -> manage domains then find the domain and click DNS under the name.