Domain Name Transfer Hell - Advice Welcome/Appreciated


Was wondering if anyone had any experience that could help shed light on a situation I’m dealing with right now.

I had planned to transfer several domain names from my old registrar to Dreamhost. However, I had Privacy enabled on all of the domains and, as such, got transfer rejection notices via email for all of them. After receiving the notices, I then removed the privacy from all domain names, planning to re-submit the request.

However, in Dreamhost’s system, it’s still showing all but one transfer pending, with the last one not appearing at all. I contacted DH support, who said only that missing domain has been rejected, and to wait for the rejections to clear. However, it seems odd that only one of the domains that were all submitted and rejected at almost exactly the same time would actually show up as “rejected”.

My concern is that, despite the email notices, the other domains could potentially be approved, leaving one domain name at the old registrar and the rest at Dreamhost. Because things are in limbo, with one place saying rejected and the other showing “not rejected”, I’m not even sure what action to take, if any can be taken. This also all ties in with the whole “first domain name free” Dreamhost promotion - the original amount paid covered all but one, and now all but one are pending, meaning no free domain.

Has anyone dealt with this kind of situation, and is it possible that, despite getting a rejection notice from the old registrar, that the transfer could still actually end up getting approved? Both support teams seem to be doing their best to help out, but it seems as though the only answer is that there is no answer, so I’m looking for anyone who has had past experience with this kind of thing.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice you can provide.


I’ve transferred blocks of addresses at the same time and in one case, one of the lot was completely moved to the new registrar within hours, the others took days. Unfortunately, the whole system is not very efficient, and updates are slow. I’d wait a day or two and check again. As long as your domains are not about to expire, they should continue to resolve.