Domain Name Transfer from Spry?

How exactly do you tell spry that you want to tranfer your domain name from their deathgrip?



Hopefully you’ve had it for at least 60 days.

To initiate a transfer, go to the registrar where you want to be transferred to (DreamHost, GoDaddy) and go to their Transfers page. For DreamHost, it’s:

Your new registrar should let you know how to proceed once you initiate the transfer. You’ll probably need a Domain Authorization Code, which you have to find in your account at Spry.


Thank you,


In addition to having it for at least 60 days, some registrars might require some time before it expires as well, then you get stuck with having to renew it if you wait too long.

Also, as mentioned on the Dreamhost transfer page, be sure that you unlock your domain first (if you haven’t already), or the transfer will fail.

Seems pretty basic, but it can be easy to forget–or some people don’t even know there is a lock, or that their registrar defaults to locked.

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