Domain Name Transfer and Virtual Hosting

I host with another company but I’m looking to make the switch to DreamHost, and I have an existing domain name, I want to know what’s involved with transferring it?

And since DreamHost offers a free domain name with each of the plans, and I were transferring my domain name, would I keep the free one and be able to set up virtual hosting?

Thanks for any help.

You can specify a domain name that you wish to transfer during the sign-up process, the transfer fee (and 12 month registration extension) will be paid for by your ‘free’ domain-credit.

However, you do not have to transfer the domain unless you really want to. You can choose to leave it at the current registrar and simply change the name servers to etc.


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You can either transfer the domain to DH or host the domain in DH by setting up DNS.

to transfer the domain, you may refer Be noted that there will be a downtime during transferring

to host the domian in DH, set dns

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Correct DH allows you to either register a new domain or transfer your existing domain.

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Don’t forget that you can’t transfer a domain within 60 days of a creation or transfer.

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