Domain & Name Server Questions

I have 2 different questions. I am hoping this is a good place to post both.

First, to have multiple domains, I created another one and a sub-domain off of the new domain and made both of them fully hosted. However, I am seeming to have a problem getting a home page on either one of them. I must be placing them in the wrong folder or something. I am also having the problem of having and coming to the same e-mail address without having a forward! Is that how it is going to be?

Now for the Name server question. I have had my main domain since about 2001. It has always had the name servers set as NS.NEWDREAM.NET and NS2.NEWDREAM.NET. When I was setting the name servers on the new domain that I was adding, I noticed that the name servers should now be NS1.DREAMHOST.COM, NS2, NS3. I am afraid to change my old domain name servers in case something happens and I’m down for a few days. Any suggestions on what I should do in this case?

Thank you for any help you can give me on these two things.

[quote]However, I am seeming to have a problem getting a home page on either one of them.


Are you naming your homepage index.html (or .php or whatever) and putting it in the folder that is the name of your domain?

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I have gotten the home pages to finally work (on the new domain and it’s subdomain). I deleted both the new domain and it’s subdomain and recreated them. That now appears to have fixed the issue. I haven’t re-checked the e-mail situation yet, but I am hoping that recreating the domain and subdomain have corrected the problem!

I still am waiting for an answer to the Name Server questions. I am thinking if it still works, don’t fix it…:slight_smile:

I can’t say for sure if changing the DNS info will result in any downtime, but I can tell you that since my site was still up at my old host (I’d sent my cancellation email, but they hadn’t yet canceled it), even though I changed the domain servers, I didn’t notice any downtime, unless it was for a very short time (in-between the times I checked). If nothing else, you might put a notice on your site, then wait a little while before changing the DNS info to give visitors a chance to notice the message. If you have an email list for your site for updates or whatever, post a notice there.


Hey Caylyn, I was having issues with my sub-domains and deleted them but have been unable to recreate them as I keep receiving an error that they are already in the DNS. How long did you have to wait to re-add your subdomains or is there a different route to do this?

I don’t remember it taking to long to set up the sub-domain again…maybe 15 mins…however I’m not sure as to when I could see my webpages after that. I set it up, FTP’d the pages, and went to bed. When I got up the next morning, everything was working fine. I hope that helps and you got everything working ok.

Thanks again for the info Sassy!