Domain name routing



Sorry if this question has been asked ad nauseum, but I searched through several months worth of threads and didn’t find what I was looking for, so here goes.

I own a domain name through dreamhost. I currently am hosting the space on my personal PC, and using FreeDNS’s name servers (an A entry) to route the domain name (lets say to my IP.

Which is fine. I have cable internet, decent upload, certainly sufficient for the handful of close friends that actually go to my site.

But the only downside of hosting the server on my home PC is that now I have to leave my home PC on 24/7. Which I don’t really like. So I have friends with gigs and gigs of hosted space with dreamhost who are willing to make me a subdomain. Lets say So I could use FreeDNS to give me a URL redirect from to

But I’d like my domain name to stay in the browser. And cloaking is stupid, I’d like people to be able to go to, have it load, but still have in the browser.

Is this possible? Can a subdomain be given another domain name especially one that is owned by someone else?



I don’t see why you don’t just hot the domain with dreamhost. With any shared hosting account you’re allowed to host unlimited domains and sub-domains. If they’re willing to host a sub-domain there would be no difference between that and your domain.

All your friend would need to do would be to set up a user for you, and add into the panel. Then he can set up a webid for you, and give you access to your domain, perhaps mysql databases and the like. Then just chnage the name servers with your registrar to point to dreamhost.

Hope that helps

–Matttail - personal website