Domain name registration problem



Some days before I tried to register a new domain name, where after the completion of form it brings me a success message and also charged me a registration fee. But the problem is that domain name is not showing in my domain control panel as well as it is not accessible by browser, which means domain is not registered. What shall I do now?

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Saif Khan


So far, so good. At this point, you should be able to see the domain in the Control Panel -> Domains -> Registrations screen. You can also check to see that the domain was in fact registered by checking any whois lookup facility to see what is listed for that domain ( is as good as any). :wink:

The domain will not “magically” appear in your Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains screen just because you registered it. Registration and hosting are two different things. If you see the domain in your registrations section, and whois shows it is registered, then all you have to do is “Add a Domain /subdomain” in the “Manage Domains” screen, and DreamHost will set up hosting for it.

After some time (for DNS to be updated) your domain will be visible from the web.



Thanks for your reply, as per your instruction I have visited whois site and over there I found that the domain which I tried to register by dreamhost is available, I presume it mean domain has not registered.


Then there you have it! Something went wrong with your registration. :frowning:

I’d try it again, and see if you just encountered a temoporary glitch in the system. :wink: .

Good luck, and let us know how it goes?



Also, since you’ve been charged the $9.95 registration fee, you should submit a support ticket through the panel telling them what’s happened so they can help you.

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They’re Dreamhost coupons!



I think dreamhost was never like that before, that is my first experience and I think it could become a foo to me and also cause to migrate some other reliable host. those who do charge and after that also see if the process is completed or not. After all those days when I tried to see the domain it brings me the same result as before and I am really disappointed. Also dreamhost’s support ticket system is worst I have ever saw.


So, did you ever get your domain name registered, or not?



Not at all, even I paid twice, total amount which I paid is now $18.48.


That is most definitely time for another support ticket! :open_mouth:

Since you started this thread, I have registered several domains via DreamHost, and had no problems, so something must be seriously wrong



yes you are right and I figured out what is wrong, it is a seriousness towards their business and that it. I use Firefox with nojavascript addon, they are using two domains 1) and 2) therefore whenever I tried to post the support ticket it keep roaming at first screen and recently I figured that out and posted my ticket. I do not know who the hell was the programmer for such pathetic module for them, because serious programmers never rely over user end programming.


Are you using FireFox 3?



No its v.2 and I have just received a reply from dreamhost support team that domain will be register within hour so hope that it will be done smoothly.


I hope so too! :slight_smile:



I am experiencing the exact same thing…and I’m at 24 hours with no resolution, though, the support has given me a ticket and some correspondence.
I’ve always been happy with DH…this is frustrating, though. I’m so tired of registering, re-registering, seeing “Success” and nothing happens…