Domain name reg. in Australia, content at Dreamhost - no work

G’day guys,

struggling to get my domain name -, registered at - pointed at Dreamhost properly.

I’ve done a heap of reading, but I’m getting nowhere.

Neither nor are working, although I get different wrror pages - the nonwww gives me the message you get if you just put in the IP number on the Dreamhost panel.

I’ve pointed other domains successfully from that registrar, but they have been cname, not just the A-record.

I’ve been to the panel and retrieved the A record from the DNS settings

(Looks like the IMG tag isn’t working, so I’ve added the links)

and I’ve added that setting to the panel at jumba:

I did this 36 hours ago, so propagation, etc, isn’t the issue.

I’m sure it’s something dumb that I (haven’t) done - any suggestions?


cheers, juice

Add another A record for the “subdomain” of “www” which is what your DreamHost panel image shows as well. Then the DreamHost web server can decide how to properly handle www and non-www calls to your site.

OK, done. Thanks for that.

Let’s see what happens now, it doesn’t usually take long for the changes to propagate from this end.

And as a parallel plan, try this:

Sorted. Looks like the IP number changed between putting it into the domain hosting system and it propagating. Now all is good, but I can’t say t I’m all that thrilled wiuth the lack of a cname system.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.