Domain Name Redirect to "Index of /"


I have my domain set up here at Dreamhost. However, it brings me to an index of my files whenever I go to it.

I understand this is perfectly normal as I haven’t told the domain where to go in my hosting directory.

My domain name is and all my files are located under The directory I want the domain to point to is /Joomla/.

So, how do I set this up?


Would the remap sub-directories feature under the ‘domains’ button in the control panel be what you are looking for?



Unfortunately not.

Luckily, I a opened a support ticket and my Dreamhost support agent told me to change me .htaccess file. In fact, he did it for me! I would have been more than happy to do it myself. Talk about good support!


That’s not bad.
Don’t suppose you could post the changes they made to the .htaccess file for further reference? Suitably obfuscated of course :wink: . I imagine it was a redirect line?