Domain name propagation taking unusually long


Hello, I’ve registered with Dreamhost and gotten hosting with them as well. This was all set up on Sunday morning, it’s now Thursday morning and the domain name still isn’t working. The owner of the site is sort of counting on having this working by tomorrow and I was fairly sure Dreamhost was a reliable service. Now it could be something I’ve done, I’m fairly confident I’ve uploaded the site to the relevant folder on the FTP and even if I hadn’t I’d have gotten some sort of indexing of the files on, the domain simply isn’t working. Anyone have any idea?


Have you added the domain so that it appears in your Manage Domains page?


It’s sure looking like it’s not even in DreamHost’s DNS.

I suggest you give it a refresh by going to the Panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for your domain. Then go to its Fully Hosted settings and click the “Change Fully Hosted Settings Now” button, even though you really didn’t change anything. This forces a refresh of its DNS settings and such.

In the mean time, submit a ticket to Support explaining what you’ve done so far.



The domain was purchased with dreamhost, so yeah…


Just because you registered a domain here, it doesn’t automatically set up your hosting. You said you put the files in the relevant folder. This folder,, gets created when you set up a Fully Hosted Domain, which is how you would be able to force a refresh as per my instructions above.



Refreshing it appears to have worked, thanks!