Domain name parked by goDaddy


Just arranged to host with dreamhost, do I need to do anything like add dreamhost’s nameservers to the custom nameservers tab in the godaddy domain manager console? I just registered the domain on Aug. 25, if I don’t have to transfer it to host with dreamhost that would be ideal. I have FTPed my files to the temporary directory.


Yup, just need to put Dreamhost’s nameservers as the nameservers for your domain at GoDaddy and add the domain as a hosted domain in your Dreamhost panel.

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You need to login to the GoDaddy domains control panel and point the DNS record at the DreamHost nameservers in order for your domain to be visible. It tells you to do this when you “Add a domain” in the panel, and there is also information on the wiki about it.

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I did that about a half hour ago, there is a spinning logo that says validating…


I believe it takes some time for DNS to propagate in the Internet.

Don’t forget to add domain to your hosting plan via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add New Domain / Sub-domain after you point DNS to dreamhost.

Good luck!

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