Domain Name Not Visible

Okay, so, back in August or September, I bought a year’s registration for my chosen domain name from DreamHost with the future intent to buy a plan and get my site up and running. However, a friend of mine helped me find a better deal elsewhere, and I want to transfer my domain name to this new place so that everything will work.

The only problem is, when I went into the Manage Domain section of my panel, the domain I have registered isn’t listed. There’s record of me having paid for it, and if you type in the domain ( you’ll get a “This site is under construction.” page.

Is there something I’m missing? Something I’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help in advance!

You are not really missing anything, but you are looking in the wrong place on the Control Panel. Manage Domains is for hosting domain management - you need to look under Domains–>Registrations (to add or manage existing domain registrations), or Domains–> Reg. Transfer.(to transfer regstrations from, or to, Dreamhost). :wink:


“You have no domains registered through DreamHost on “_____'s Account”!”

^ That’s the following message I have when I go to Domains --> Registrations–which frustrates me, because I very much have the domain registered with DH. I have it marked on the invoice that I paid, and I still have the confirmation email that they sent me after I paid and everything (because I’m an internet pack rat and don’t throw things like that away).

It’s not registered with DreamHost.

Go to and submit the domain.

I would contact support if your Support History messages don’t reveal anything.

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That domain was registered at Yahoo on 12/27.

That has nothing to do with Dreamhost, so you’ll need to log into your Yahoo account at to point the nameservers where ever you want them.

You won’t be able to transfer it anywhere for at least 60 days… but that doesn’t matter. You can still host it anywhere you want. Just update the nameservers (if it’s locked, you’ll have to unlock it, update nameservers, then lock it again).

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^ Now THAT is unusual. Because I registered before then, and the name or the info it’s paired with is not me. heavy sigh I shall look into this further. Otherwise, I’ll have to just find a completely new domain name. Oi… All this trouble over a name. Worth it, I hope.


You could contact Dreamhost and ask if they have any record of that domain ever being registered here.

How long ago was it? If it was over a year, I guess it could have expired and someone else registered it. That would depend on if you had it set to auto-renew, if they had your correct email address on file, etc.

If you changed emails at some point, and it wasn’t set to auto-renew, you might not have received the renewal notices.

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