Domain Name Issues

Hi -

I want to be able to use my domain name as instead of turning into

basically when you go to the address it turns into in the address bar, both variations work but i want to keep the www. at the front.

in my dreamhost webpanel, under my selected domain, i have selected “Leave it Alone - both Leave it alone: Both and will work.”

but it still doesnt seem to keep the www. in the front when its been typed into the address bar.

does anyone know how to fix this, as all of my other domains are fine. (the one i have posted is just an example and not actually the one i own)

i purchased the domain at and transferred it to dreamhost changed all nameservers (,,

any help would be appreciated


If you don’t mind having WWW all the time, don’t set it to “leave it alone.” Set it to Add WWW and redirect to

In your case, it sounds like something is broken. Change it to add WWW, see how that goes, then change it back and see if it starts working. If that doesn’t fix it, contact Support.

Personally, I have my sites strip off the WWW since it’s unnecessary.