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Hello all. This is my first time building a site and I’ve hit the first of many bumps in the road. My problem is this: I’ve purchased my hosting, and would like to attach the domain name (which I registered at a separate sight, to the page I hope to begin building. The problem is that I’ve never created a website before, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. It says my current domain name is “”. Is there any way to change it to the name I registered at godaddy, which is just “”? Or did I simply sign up wrong when I purchased my hosting? Do I cancel my current account, get my money back and re-sign up correctly? Any help you can offer is appreciated.


P.S. I think my mistake was registering for a sub-domain. If I cancel, will I get my money back so I can sign up again correctly?


You can host as many domain names as you want all hosted under your account here.

It sounds to me like you didn’t register a new domain when you signed up for your account, but just signed up and started hosting a subdomain. This is fine. You just need to register and then host a new domain. This domain will count as your free one.

You should start with registering your new domain. The Dreamhost wiki has a lot of information for beginners and experienced folks alike. Here’s an article that should walk you through registering your domain:

Your next step will be hosting your domain. What were you looking to do on your domain?

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I’m in the same boat as FrostMonkey. I have a domain from NameCheap and would like to keep them as registrar, using Dreamhost only for hosting. I couldn’t find any documentation to this. Every page I visited required “Domain Transfer” to Dreamhost, and the language is very confusing.


At GoDaddy (for sure) and at FrostMonkey, there’s a section to set your Name Servers for DNS. These need to be set to, ns2, and ns3… Once that kicks in after a few days, your site here will work, assuming you created a Fully Hosted Domain with your domain name.



Oh god. I didn’t notice the part where the OP said that he had registered at another registrar.

Ignore me completely and just listen to Scott.

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