Domain name expired

OK I am in a pinch and need help.
Our nonprofit domain name expired, I thought we were on automatic renewal, needless to say this is causing a ton of e-mail and website issues.
How do I reach someone at Dreamhost being my e-mail on file does not work to renew the domain name ( it expired yesterday) ?
any help would be appreciated, thank-you!

If you are not able to log in to the control panel to renew your domain, you can use this form to contact us. Be sure to let us know the domain associated with your account, and we’ll be able to assist you in getting access. Thanks!

YEah I have filled out about 3 different forms under contact us and I thought I did give all the right info… I am not able to log in as the account manager no longer works here and we were unable to move the account to me the ED> We have sent a letter assigned by the Chair of the BOD last year and no one confirmed the receipt of that and I lost track. is the domain name.

Thanks for the info! If you’d like, feel free to use the “Email” link down below to private message me the email address you used when filling out the contact form. That way I can try to locate any previously sent messages from you and see what’s going on from there. Thanks!
Nevermind! We’ve found your ticket and are escalating it to the appropriate department who will further assist you :slight_smile:

Thank-you so much! I know I have some messages form funders coming through in the next few days, and it looks weird if e-mails bounce back and there is no website…

We’re having the exact same problem – we’re unable to log in (possibly because we’ve been migrated from ThinkHost) and our domain expired yesterday. I can’t phone because we’re in Canada & the toll-free number doesn’t seem to work; I’ve sent a couple of requests through the “contact us” form and haven’t had any reply. Can you help? The domain is

I am also a non profit director and in a similar pinch. I have used the contact form several times today giving what I think was the correct info from the employee who handled this before and is no longer with the organization. our domain name is

Please help as we really really need access to our email and I have been trying to resolve this all day long.

Thank you,

Hello Nancy,

I see that our support team has sent you a few email updates with the details on how to get that issue resolved, please be sure to reply back to the emails they sent you if you need further support,

Matt C

I am having the same problem, I can not login and I can not access my email due to domain expiration. The domain name is I send a couple requests through contact us form and haven’t had any reply. Cay you help me? I can provide an additional email to contact me.

Hello georgebellos,

If you still need assistance please be sure to let us know or you can open a support request here: