Domain name expiration & reactivation

our domain expired yesterday. Received numerous notifications that we have auto renew on. Hav credit card on file and all.

This morning, our site is down and url is not available. Worst, our email is unavailable.

Tried support but no answer.

1: how is this possible
2: have renewed the domain name registration but the site and email is still down.

How2 resolve! Is there a way to re-activate email?

That is a good question. For years I somehow didn’t trust Dreamhost to renew my registrations automatically, so I always renewed them well in advance. One time, I decided to actually test my intuition, so I set a less-important domain to automatic renewal and waited to see what would happen.

Can you believe, it went past expiration without being renewed.

Here is the message I sent to support:

[quote]The registration for my domain [] is set to “auto-renew” but on the “manage domains” panel it is showing as due for renewal “17+ hours ago”

i.e. it does not appear to have been auto-renewed yet, although the registration has (apparently) expired.

Should I be concerned?[/quote]

and here is the response,

Thank you for contacting Technical Support here at DreamHost. I will be
more than happy to help you.
Looking into your account, I do see that your domain [] was
set to expire on [18 hours ago]. You are given a grace period of 30 days to
renew an expired domain before it goes into redemption. Rest assure, our
system should automatically renew your domain sometime today or tomorrow.
If you notice your domain hasn’t renewed by Friday evening, I would
contact us again so we can further investigate.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a great night,
[Dreamhost Support Person][/quote]

Shortly after that I moved all my registrations away from Dreamhost (except for the one “free” one of course). As I am still a Dreamhost customer (their hosting has good points) I hope that we can press them for a better answer about auto-renewal than the inadequate answer which they gave to me (quoted here).

Thanks. Will look into moving away. Any tips on how to get my email up and running again? Would assume that if the domain name is not registered, receiving incoming mails at the domain will not work. Tips?

Can’t say that I trust any of the automated processes as much as Support trust them.

Your registration is probably tied up at DreamHost at present. You might try escalating this issue via Twitter which is appearing to work for some people. Ping @DreamHostCare. If you don’t have Twitter, use the contact form at and send a message to SALES.

I just emailed you recently, and your site is now back up :slight_smile: If you have any questions/concerns about it, please feel free to ask!

For inquiring minds: The auto renewal failed because of an issue with the partner registrar we use for .eu domains. We’ve been working on partnering with a new registrar for all of our TLD’s (except for .com, .org, .net, .info), so this shouldn’t be an issue moving forward. :slight_smile: