Domain name .be and Dreamhost hosting

Hello everyone,

I have an unlimited hosting on Dreamhost. I need a Wordpress .be but Dreamhost but does not create the domain name .be.

I will create a domain name .be on OVH and redirect it to Dreamhost.

My problem is this:
I do not want to simply redirect my domain name .be to the subdomain of another domain name or another domain name. Indeed, as a matter of optimizing my positioning on Google Belgium, it must really be this domaine name .be that is used in the URL of the Wordpress hosted on Dreamhost.

Could you help me ?

Thank you !

If .be lets you use specify your own name server, you won’t need a redirect.

Thank you sdayman.

Could you be more specific because I am a newbie :wink:

This article has detailed instructions for exactly what you need.

Thank you very much !