Domain name and wordpress install

I installed wordpress at However, what I want is to see my wordpress site when someone types in my domain name what do I need to do to redirect?

I am not too far along so I do have the option of reinstalling WP, but it doesn’t appear that you can install it at the top domain level,

thanks so much for your help!!!

I was facing the same exact problem yesterday…New to all of this and set up a few directories just to test it out…

If someone could please answer Kgeisler, you’d be helping us both!


I have installed wordpress at the root level i.e., If you want to power your root domain with wordpress you can do that. Some people want to have the static html pages in root and have a link BLOG on main page which points to /blog powered by WP.

Wordpress Codex has alternative approach for this.

If you decide to reinstall WP, then just delete the existing blog folder and the database if there is no data in them.

How do you install wordpress at the root level? When I go to the one-click wordpress option it has you choose the domain, which I choose mine, then it automatically puts a / next. The install always fails when I attempt to put it in the root level, which it did in this case.

Since you already have wordpress installed to a sub-directory you may want to read over this discussion

I list in my posts (starting at #6) what to do if you have your wp files in a sub-directory but want the actual site showing up in the root. Its not necessary for you to re-install or anything like that just follow the directions :slight_smile: