Domain name and hosting

Hi, I just bought a domain with DreamHost without hosting, and i wanted to ask if i buy a hosting package in Europe how do i point the domain name to go to that hosting site and will it ever connect to the US (DreamHost) to get redirected to the hosting site in EU?

You set the WHOIS info for your registered domain to use the other host’s DNS servers.

The only contact with US servers is for the DNS root servers to pull the WHOIS info so the rest of the world knows which DNS servers to use for your domain.

Oh right, so the domain is basically independent from DreamHost?


I just used fiddler to try and connect to my website and it says:

“Fiddler: DNS Lookup for *******.com failed. The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found”

Is that just because i don’t have a host yet?

You need to set up that hosting in Europe before a DNS server can tell the world where your site is.