Domain mirroring not working

Hi! I have 3 domains that I would like to mirror domain #1. The first one I setup works fine, but the 2nd one I asked to mirror domain #1 doesn’t work - it gives me error id: “bad_httpd_conf” - I have it set up thru dreamhost the way the other one is and I can’t find the problem. I just bought domain #4 and also want it to mirror #1, but I’m afraid I might have the same issue. Can someone help?


  • Jill

Last time i tried setting this up it took a while to start working. Maybe leave it a while.

The other problem could be having more than one domain mirroring but I don’t know enough to say if that would be a problem but I’d assume it wouldn’t be.

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Try going into Manage Domains, hit edit, and click the mirror option again.

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