Domain masking

Does anyone know if you can mask/cloak domains here at DH? I cant find any information about it in the knowledge base.

Thank you!

If you are asking about domain mirroring, yes, they allow it here, and at no added cost.

Now I’m not sure if I asked the right question or used the right terminology (I am a beginner :)) Here is what I want to do: This is a quote from my sister who has a site (now 2) hosted on yahoo, and I want to do the same thing but with sites on dreamhost.

"I am surprised it was really easy to just buy the XXX1 domain name and
then redirect the traffic to a page on XXX2. I did it as a mask, too, so
people only see “” in the address line. I’d never done
that before, and it’s saving me a bunch of $$ on a new web host package. "

Sounds like you want to mirror a domain.

Go into your web panel to Domains > Add Domain and add your domain as a mirrored domain. You can set it up so domain1 is what people see in their browser, but domain2 is what they see in their address bar.