Domain Mapping

I have a WP blog hosted here, and recently started another WP also hosted here. The intention is to map the old website into the new site.

I simply want to change my domain name.

What is the best way to go about it, without losing my links/ranking?

NB: I have not yet found a clear, easy way to go about it.


Its not domain mapping that’s for sure. You want to do a 301 redirect. You can find information about it here scroll down the part where it talks about permanently redirecting one domain to another domain. Basically you will follow the instruction for it by putting what it says in an .htaccess file that is located in the main directory of the OLD url you want to redirect to the new one. Make sure you remove all references to the old domain (if possible) and eventually you can just not renew the registration on it (or keep it if you don’t want someone else getting it). Your ranking and such will go with you :slight_smile:

Google webmaster says: “a page-to-page redirect will help preserve your site’s ranking in Google while providing a consistent and transparent experience for your users.”
How do I do the page-to-page 301 redirect?
Or should I just ignore webmaster?
What is the best advice?

assuming you are moving the site, i.e. the exact content from the old site will also appear on the new site with no gaps, then a 301 is still the way to go. You’ll use the rewrite function to redirect every page to its matching page at the new site with 301.

joe did you even read that website i gave you? say you have which is the old site and you want all traffic to go to if you set up the redirect like in the instructions to permanently redirect one domain to another it will make it so someone types in automagically they will be redirected to while you can put rules for single pages, if you are wanting EVERYTHING to go there is no reason to do that UNLESS you plan on having a different directory structure at the new site. the website i gave you the url to lists what to do if you are want requests for to send someone to as well. it gives good examples of what you can do.

You can see how it works. I changed the .htaccess on to redirect to

Now if you type in you are automatically taken to and that is the type of behavior you are wanting right?

Ryo-ohki, you are much more patient than I am! I give up and don’t even answer some questions because of OPs not even trying :stuck_out_tongue:

I read the website, thanks for the link. then I saw this . It seems so direct and easy. I thought its easier to use DH 301 redirect ( I didn’t know at first it was a 301 redirect issue). I hope it works just fine.

I don’t see how you think those directions in the wiki were easier than creating 1 text file with 3 lines in it but whatever floats your boat.

I redirected using .htaccess, the address has changed, but am getting “nothing found” in the new url.

What could be wrong?

many things. why not provide more details and a copy of your redirect?

I made a mistake. Instead of editing the .htaccess file, I used DH 301 redirect option.

Now the url has changed, but the posts are not found.

For instance:

has become:

which is the way I wanted. Problem is, the page is not there!

I only used DH redirect option. What could be wrong?

looks like you figured it out i guess since i see the page come up just fine.

I looked at domain name change for dummies. I then used Wordpress export/import tool, transferred my directories and then used your .htaccess trick.

It has all worked great finally.