Domain Mapping Issue

I would like to have a subdomain point to a social network I have.

Social network:
My subdomain:

I would like my social network obviously to have the name of my subdomain, and I tried to setup a CNAME and an A Value for my subdomain to point towards the social network.

The problem is, I tried to add a CNAME and it kept on giving me issues.


The current A record is working correctly, it just looks like Ning is redirecting you to their own web address once you get there. This is something you’ll probably have to change on their end, as it’s entirely out of our hands.

There were times I had to set it back to the old address in the Ning setup in order to see my network at all. The issue is, Ning needs for me to setup a cname for the DNS of to the current url of my upcoming social network, and I am having issues setting that up.[hr]
I did not have any issues setting up the A Value.[hr]