Domain Mapping for Mobile Version of Site


I’ve installed this plugin, the WP Mobile Pack:

The plugin allows you to have two themes for your site, your regular theme, for normal computers and then a mobile theme.

Basically I want to configure my site so that it displays two versions, my original site at the regular site address,, with the regular theme, and then another one,, with the mobile theme.

There is an option to set this in the Mobile Switcher configuration page but obviously this is something I have to do from my DH CP first of all:

So, eh, how do I actually do this?

Add the domain “” to the panel in Manage Domains, and set it to MIRROR the main site (not as fully hosted).

Ok, so I’m going to Web Panel> Domain: Manage Domains yeah?

I see the option to mirror the site, but I don’t have the option to create in there. If you wouldn’t mind talking me through it a bit.

Click the “Add New Domain / Sub-domain” button the top of the manage domains page. When the next page loads the first section on the top of that page will be “Fully Hosted” skip that and scroll down to the section titled “Mirrored”. Type your box and set the drop-down below it to the existing blog and then press the button labeled “Mirror this Domain”

That worked perfectly, thanks