Domain mapping error

Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.

Can anyone please advise how I can get rid of this error and have the wordpress site onto dreamhost. the dns is pointed at dreamhost and not wordpress

Everything appears to be in order. The address resolves to the button-gwinnett server and I see the default WP installation page when browsing to it.

Hmm any ideas how I can get it to work sXi?
Do I just need need to pay to upgrade the domain name? Also there is no plugin option on the dashboard, it looks just like the free version of wordpress

What I mean is when I visit that link I see the WP Admin initial set up page (i.e. anyone could fill it out and take control of your website right now).

You might need to flush your browser cache so that you can view it yourself and set it up.

EDIT: Just to be clear - you really need to do this NOW :wink:

Argh, I have tried on both my laptop and another and am still only getting the mapping error page.

I have managed to create it on my mobile but I cant access it at all via any laptops in the house without the mapping error message coming up

You seem to have some DNS caching issues.

Try here for some tips on flushing:

Failing that, try rebooting the modem that your local computers use to connect to the Internet.

Thanks sXi. I have done both of those. Maybe a turn off for an hour or so might help.

I see your site as having been set up now. Did you do that using your mobile phone? :smiley:

Yes I did that using my mobile so that no one else hacked into it but still cant get to it via the ipad or laptops. Have cleared DNS as per your link. Rebooted modems and also cleared via Firefox and still having the same issue.