Domain locked!


i used to have hosting with you and no longer required it hence i did not renew my account, however, i need to change the nameservers my domain is pointing to but it says i cant as the domain is locked.
Please can you tell me how i can get it unlocked my old account name was "matcoo"


Just go to and unlock it.

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Re-reading the post, if you let it expire with your hosting, you’ll probably need to contact Dreamhost and pay for the domain registration.

Note that the domain registration isn’t free once you cancel hosting. It’s $9.95/year.

If you wish to transfer the registration, you might have to renew it with them first, then wait 60 days before transferring. You can still change the nameservers, though.

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the domain is registered for another 3 years and i only transfered it to them a little while ago so i should not have to renew it. I just want to change the DNS settings which i can do with my domain registrar except it says its locked.


You’ll have to login to the account you used with Dreamhost before and send support a ticket asking them why it’s locked then. I can’t imagine why it would be locked, unless you do actually owe them something (unless you’re not giving us some pertinent info that we’re currently unaware of?).


Are you saying you can’t even login to the control panel?

If you can, then just go to the domain registration section of the panel and if it says “yes” under the locked column, just click it and it will unlock it.

Unless you owe them money, I don’t see why they’d put a registrar lock on it that you can’t unlock yourself.

By DNS settings, you just mean the nameservers, right? Beyond that, I’m not sure that all settings are available if you don’t also have an active hosting account.

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No i don’t owe them anything my account has been cancelled as i didn’t want to hos twith them anymore and i cant login anymore either


I think you’ll just have to contact support and see if they can help you out. You can do that through this form

Out of curiosity, what is the domain you have registered here?

–Matttail - personal website


sounds werid. you should be able to at least log into the panel although the account is expired.

I think the only way for you to contact DH is via the contact form. good luck!

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