Domain isn't working :(


I was trying to connect my domain to my blogspot account ( but it didnt work so I gave up for a couple months.

And now I decided to try again - I added the domain to my blogspot account again while I was trying to get in touch with dreamhost tech support via live chat and an amazing miracle happened, my domain connected and was working perfectly…for 5 minutes and then gone again.

Now when I try to visit my domain it says webpage not available however before it used to show a google URL error.

What am I doin wrong? What should I be doing?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The google instructions are here..

The important thing to remember is that DNS changes take time to propagate. When you are making changes on the dreamhost side to CNAME and A records, those changes don’t take effect instantly. The simple dumded down explanation is this is just how DNS works, and not something that’s dreamhost specific. What this means tho, is that you can’t test what you did in the dreamhost panel until later. Normally allow 4-8 hours for propagation, it might take longer tho (12?/24?).

If you’re still having trouble after knowing that, then give us the domain name and we can give more specific help. DNS entries can be looked up with we know the domain name.